About Dr.(Prof.) Shantanu Mishra

Former Professor and Senior Consultant of Ayurvedic Medicine (Bihar Govt.)

Former Professor of Ayurvedic Medicine (UDAC Hoshiyarpur, Punjab)

Former Professor of Ayurvedic Medicine (HAMC & Hospital Rishikesh U.K)

Senior Consultant of Ayurvedic Medicine At Anandamayi Hospital, Varanasi

Healing the Healthy way is her Mission. Qualified as Ayurveda in 1980, Dr.Shantanu Mishra started practicing this science to heal not only chronic complaints but also the recurring and resistant ones. This also brought his an experience to treat more severe and acute complaints like Asthma attacks, Joint Pain , Diabetes, Skin Problem etc where all the skill and patience got her tremendous success.

Keen on research and a strong believer of the efficacy of homeopathy, she has carried out clinical research on the utility of Repertory (a homeopathic tool) BBCR in treatment of Infections, Fever and more resistant Chronic ailments during her Post graduation.

Dr. Shantanu Mishra practicing and serving to the society since 1980 through his knowledge. Diagnosis and treatment of Dr Prof Shantanu Mishra is unmatched. Has deep interest in natural medicine and has vast experience of Ayurvedic herbs and their uses. He believes in CURE for SURE.

Having more than 35 years of experience Dr Prof Shantanu Mishra is an expert Nadi Visheshagya (Pulse Diagnosis) and regularly conducts workshops on Ayurveda at various national Ayurvedic centres/ institutes. He has been invited and honored by various organizations and government bodies. Has strong believe in Ayurveda which can cure any patient suffering from any critical disease at any stage.

Dr.Shantanu Mishra is retired professor of Ayurvedic medicine and practicing since 1980. Have expertise to diagnose and cure chronic cases.